Bridging the Education-to-Employability gap!

Equitable Education Enhancing Employability is “The Ma Foi Promise” (ethos) behind the new brand “Ma Foi etude” a blended e-learning platform from the house of Ma Foi. Ma Foi in French means “My faith” or “My Promise” and to go with the legacy, the founders have chosen another French word etude that means “study” or “education”.

About 70% of Indian demographic is from rural areas, yet the critical factor is the massive gap in access to quality education and skills between rural and urban parts of India. Students coming from villages and small towns are unable to compete with urban students, pulling themselves as well as the country backward.

Ma Foi with its 3 decades of experience believes that newer ways of learning with technology is the best way to bridge this gap. Online blended courses shall opendoors for students from rural parts and the lower economic strata.

The Ma Foi Promise:

Better accessibility:  Online courses offered with the right blend of Online lectures, byte sized videos, well curated content, hands on procedural learning through a Learning Management System gives students access to simple yet high quality programs in a consumable format from the comfort of their homes. Going with the GenNext mindset, it gives them the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime.

Experienced, Competent and Industry Mentors: Well-qualified teachers are a rarity in rural parts of India due to several reasons, be it lack of infrastructure or the many benefits a city has to offer. As a result, students in these parts suffer since there is no or little guidance in terms of career options and the demand for skills from point to point. Yet aspirations of youth rural or urban is the same and is frustrated with their incapability or incompetency which can move what we think is a demographic dividend to a demographic disaster. All Ma Foi’s online courses have competent faculty from the industry, have years of expertise in their field of study and most importantly a nation building intent.They mentor students through the intricacies of the subject being taught. It enables the students to develop a sound knowledge of the course. With a solid understanding of the subject, they can unleash their full potential that shall culminate to employment.

Lower cost: Students in rural areas and the fringes of urban cities mostly come from weak financial backgrounds. Covid has also limited the spending capacity of parents due to pay cuts or loss of jobs towards education, but can learning be stopped or staggered due to these limitations? Students cannot afford to pay the hefty sum of money of most online courses. Thus, it causes financial burden and many refrain from learning altogether. Ma Foi’s Online courses, are offered at a humble fee to make it affordable to students during these difficult times, irrespective of strata and shall enable students with lower parental incomes can continue learning without feeling overwhelmed with the high fees.

Employability: Every course offered through Ma Foi etude has employability as the outcome and aimed at bridging the employability gap.

With “Equitable Education Enhancing Employability” as its core promise, Ma Foi Etude (a French word which means education) has been developed to be a part of every aspiring individual’s skill enhancing journey during  these times of transformation. Ma Foi Etude will focus on curating need-based programs from a learner point of view that are relevant and easily consumable by every student across age groups, gender and geographies in our country and globe with a clear focus on employability.

In the pic: Ms. Latha Rajan, Co-Founder, Ma Foi Group