Curated Learning Programs to choose from!

Choosing what to learn is a challenge. Choosing where to learn from is a bigger challenge! At Ma Foi etude, we understand the importance of providing the right learning programs for the right audience. We understand that, as learners, your priorities are many and decision-making is tough. We also understand that providing outcome-driven learning programs, delivered by competent trainers is the need of the hour. Go ahead and choose from a set of hand-picked learning programs from Ma Foi etude.

Data Science with Python

Learn this in-demand program, write algorithms, create statistical models, reach out to better jobs!

Ma Foi e-tutor

Designed for Teachers & Trainers who are keen to engage their students online.


Master the art of creating great real-world civil structures.

Python For All

Learn the one language that is creating a sensation in the Information Technology Industry around the world.

Design Thinking

It’s time to create, it’s time to disrupt; learn design thinking concepts from the best trainers.

Ma Foi Certified HR Professional

Learn from the experts in the Talent Management landscape.

English Opens Doors

Learn the language that will open several job opportunities for you.

The ENGvantage

Take your knowledge of the English language to the next level.

Career Craft

Learn the basics of presenting yourself better. Learn from the experts!

Alumni Voice